Clifford Chance, a global law firm with more than 3,000 partners and attorneys, is generally in the room when iconic project financing deals are in the works.  

The firm’s Americas Projects team has maintained a market-leading position in project finance in Latin America – and over the past year, its prowess has been especially apparent in the Andean region, where it advised on some of the most outstanding projects, including several groundbreaking and award-winning transactions, among them Colombia’s Via 40 4G toll road financing, the Usme-Fontibon electric bus projects in Colombia and the Lima Airport expansion financing. 

“Our cross-practice collaboration and regional experience across different sectors enables us to advise our clients based on experience and knowledge of industry standards and current trends,” the firm says.  

Among Clifford Chance’s strengths is its expertise in development bank and multilateral financings across Latin America. The firm is especially strong on export credit agency financings, regularly representing non-Americas based ECAs. It also has a particular yen for more esoteric financings: project bonds, hybrid multi-source and multi-currency solutions.   

The firm says that part of this strength lies in the fact that it has one team that handles project bonds and hybrid solutions, rather than having to pool expertise from separate project finance and capital markets teams. It also boasts considerable expertise working with US-based financial investors when it comes to financing projects in the private placement market. 

In addition to its capacity for structuring complex project financings, Clifford Chance stands out for its ESG commitment. “Our advice to clients aligns directly with our internal commitment to ESG. As a leader in our field, we are rightly held to high standards in all that we do,” the firm says. 

In addition to advising on three winning transactions in the region, Clifford Chance also provided legal guidance for a green bond in Ecuador, a mining project in Peru, ports in Colombia and Peru, and a renewable energy project in Colombia that contributed to its impressive footprint in the Andes.