There is blood everywhere in the tiny market of Latin American new technology start ups. Like their big cousins in the US and Europe, the region’s small band of Internet and new technology companies has suffered a big blow with the collapse in April of the Nasdaq Stock Market, where most of them are listed. Even Terra Networks, the Internet arm of Spain’s Telefónica has suffered. It is among the world’s larger portals and does most of its business in Latin America. Its share price is down 44% so far this year. Starmedia, a pan-regional portal based in New York, is in trouble, with a 70% collapse in its price since January. El Sitio, an Argentine-based portal, has lost 90% of its value this year. It is hardly surprising that few new companies have ventured into the market. São Paulo’s Ideiasnet went public in June, and its price has since fallen by a third. AOL Latin America, which listed in August fell 4% in its first week as a public company.