Credicorp Capital’s tailored approach to borrowers and its constancy in the market has placed the lender as the leading local project finance shop in the Andes. The investment arm of Credicorp has steadily worked to cement its presence in Chile, Colombia and Peru by customizing its relationship with each client.

“We aim to specialize in infrastructure financing. The vision is to become the go-to bank for project finance in this part of the world,” says Christian Laub, chief executive at Credicorp Capital, adding that the bank’s local expertise and connections are invaluable to sponsors developing projects in the region.

“Project finance is not a traditional form of funding, and each country shows different particularities in the way this market operates. We are in the position to identify these specificities, we can bring a local flavor by providing solutions that a foreign actor would hardly consider.”

As Andean economies face sliding commodities prices, governments are pushing infrastructure development to mitigate lower growth. “We are focused on these three countries first, where infrastructure needs are still immense. Later, with further experience and know-how, we can look at alternatives in neighboring countries such as Bolivia or Argentina,” Laub says.

The bank has a team of close to 50 bankers on corporate finance teams in Peru, Chile and Colombia, divided among loans, capital markets and advisory. They work with infrastructure projects depending on the needs of the individual client and will also look to leverage external resources from international peers. 

“It’s about tailoring the best solution for each client. Structures might be different according to the size and complexity of each transaction,” adds Laub. “It’s about what’s more convenient to the sponsor, not about what’s more comfortable to us. The logic is: what’s the best for the client and how can we serve it.” LF

LatAm staffers: 1,000

LatAm offices: Chile, Colombia, Peru

Head banker: Christian Laub, chief executive

Remarkable deals: CH Potrero de Agua Azul hydroelectric plant, El Brocal metallurgical plant, Nodo Energético del Sur power plant, Rutas de Lima

WINNER: Credicorp Capital