As the only local investment bank to make it into the top league tables for M&A, loans, and equity and debt capital markets in Brazil, Itaú BBA stands out among its peers for excelling at offering a well-rounded suite of products that is unmatched by local or international players. 

“For quite a few years, we’ve been a leader in investment banking in Brazil and we work very hard to keep it that way.  Competition is fierce in this business and it’s a lot of work,” says Jean-Marc Etlin, chief executive of Itaú BBA.

“What we try to do is offer the entire package, which goes all the way from ideas to clients to a very solid execution.  Quality execution is fundamental in getting return business,” Etlin says. “We’re able to provide a vast array of services. In that sense, we hope that clients look at us as someone who can provide very complete solutions to their issues and their problems.”

Although Itaú played in fewer M&A deals in the year ending June 30 compared to the previous year, the deals were bigger: the bank worked on mergers and acquisitions worth $20.7 billion, up 17% by volume from the previous year, according Dealogic. The bank also increased lending, committing $937 million across 11 deals in the period, up from $850 million across 8 deals last year. 

M&A will continue to be a focus, Etlin says. “There is very strong activity in M&A, because we have people who need to sell assets. You have others that see this as an opportunity to enter in Brazil, as the exchange rate has weakened quite substantially.” LF