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Find out what is shaping Latin America’s finance industry
In this issue, we bring you a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends in the bond markets in Latin America. We dive deep into the worlds of carbon credits, sustainability-linked bonds and corporate debt restructurings, and take a look at how banks are brushing off their conservatism to return to growth as interest rates – and risks – recede.

Bond Market: A Rebound?
Sovereigns are selling debt again, what about corporates?

Green SLBs: The Next Big Thing?
Finetuning a debt instrument so it can live longer than a fad

Carbon Credits: On the Rise
More companies are buying credits, but are they really offsetting emissions?

The Refinancing Challenge: When?
Corporates are facing big challenges at a time of high interest rates

Banks: Back to Growth
After playing it safe, banks prepare more aggressive tactics for growth

Mexico: It Looks Promising
A presidential election is set to usher in a more market-friendly leader

Interview: Mexico’s Claudia Shienbaum
The mayor of Mexico City is making a run for the presidency

Interview: Ecuador’s Daniel Noboa
Young and wealthy, he faces big economic challenges and a crime wave