, the Buenos Aires financial Internet company, has bought the online stock trading service of Hedging-Griffo, a São Paulo brokerage, for an undisclosed amount. Hedging-Griffo’s online trading service will expand the content in LatinStocks’ website in Brazil, Latin America’s largest Internet market. Argentina’s Exxel Group, a private equity company, controls LatinStocks. As part of the deal, Hedging-Griffo received an undisclosed stake in LatinStocks. Hedging-Griffo claims 15-20% of the $1.6 million traded daily online. The service has 15,000 customers. Brazil has 60% of LatinStocks’ 400,000 clients in Latin America. The Exxel Group has also invested over $50 million to launch a new portal specializing in soccer. will provide content and web pages devoted to over 500 players around the world. Sponsors include PepsiCo Inc., MasterCard International and Wells Fargo&Co. Exxel plans to launch similar portals in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Spain.